Vintage things that I can't get down with...

There aren't many things I dislike. Okay, that may not be true. I've often been called a pessimist, and its true that I've been known to be a grumpus. But if we are all being honest with each other, I really do like most things, I just think its fun to be grumpy. Is that weird? Probably. But that doesn't matter, lets move on.

In seriousness, though, there are things that I just can't get down with, and thats what this blog is going to be about.

I read through some of my previous blog posts, and I realized something: I get obsessive and love a lot of things. It seemed like every other sentence was something along the lines of, 'I'm dying. This is perfection.' I go on and on about what I currently am drooling over. Thats all well and good, but I think its high time that I write a little bit about the things I'm not constantly obsessing over, starting with shoes from the 1960s. 

I know that might seem stupid, to harbor a dislike for shoes from a certain time period, but its happening. Now, I'm not sure why I dislike shoes from this decade so much, but a part of me thinks its because they don't suit me. So, its a selfish reason. But theres more! There was so much patent in so many colors that it just makes my head spin. Add on top of that a short chunky heel and a square toe. This is a recipe for my personal shoe hell. I'm not sure of my stance on gogo boots, but since I don't love them, I'm going to group them with the rest of the shoes from the 60s. Blarg. Enjoy some images of shoes that I don't enjoy. 

Ah. Now that THAT is over with, lets move on. I don't know why I hate these next items so much, but I just do. One would think that I would love these, what with their amazing patterns and pretty neat look in general, but, I don't. I'm talking about vintage warming trays. I guess my main beef with these suckers is that I would never ever ever use one. I realize they are practical, and I also realize that I'm not usually one to pass on an item just because I'd never use it. I dunno, I just hate these. I can't explain it. They are sort of like green olives. I have no real reason to hate them, but I just do. Lets take a look at some warming trays.

I may get some flak for this, but I hate owls. A lot. I hate owl figurines, I hate owl t shirts, I hate owl purses, you name it. Now, I love people that love owls. I think its great if you are super into something. But, truthfully, owls just wear me out. Lets take a look at some owls, shall we? 

Okay, so there are a few things that I just can't get down with. Do you all have any vintage things that you just can't stand? I want to know! Even if you dislike something I think is great, I still wanna hear about it! 

Until next time...