Kate's distracted...

I'm going to be spending the next three weeks or so in LA, so in typical fashion, this blog post will feature mostly pictures.

Knowing that I will be at Disneyland very, VERY soon, is seriously keeping me in a constant state of goosebump excitedness!  As much as I want to talk about Disney, I'm pretty sure I've done about one million posts about it already, so I won't. Depressing.

I was pleasantly surprised the first time I went to LA. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but what I experienced was a very low-key relaxed atmosphere that was just perfect. I walked around a lot, went to museums, and best of all, explored neighborhoods where every single house was the epitome of Mid Century Modern. I stumbled upon a late night art gallery showing in someone's house. I popped my head in, not knowing what exactly was going on, and inside where maybe 10 people who were very obviously artists and who were also very aware that I wasn't one. IT was like being at a party I wasn't invited to. Which, in retrospect, this could have been the case. Maybe it wasn't an art show after all, Either way. I love LA. 

What I didn't do last time, though, was check out all of the art deco architecture. I was so amazed by the mid century modern touches everywhere, and I was only there for three days or so, so I didn't have much time to do anything! But you can bet your bottom that I'm going to be spending a lot of time finding the best art deco buildings out there. Lets take a look at some famous art deco architecture in Los Angeles. 

 The Bullocks Wilshire. This building was completed in 1929 as a luxury department
store. Color me jealous. I wish all department stores looked this perfect. 

 Heres an interior shot. Obviously decorated from a different era, but dang. You can still really see how
beautiful the original structure of the building are. Those windows? Yes. Those happened. 

 Eastern Columbia building. Be. Still. My. Heart. I can't handle this. This building was originally opened as
offices for furniture and clothing companies, but it later turned into condos. Which I will be buying soon.

 Entrance shot of the Eastern Columbia Building. So beautiful. 

 El Rey theatre. Built in 1936, this place is just perfect. The interior is all I want in any sort of music 

Naturally, the Griffith Observatory. While I have been here, its still just so dang amazing. I mean, look at it.

Under construction here, but look at the grounds. I can't even.

Sunset Tower. Opened in 1931, and beautiful as hell. Can't wait to see this beauty. 

Okay. So thats just a handful of buildings that I want to see while I'm there. I can't wait! Have you guys been out to LA? What are some of your favorite buildings? Any suggestions for what I should go see? 

Until next time...