The History of Pendleton

Hi Friends! I hope you have had a great day! I wanted to share something we at Street Scene are currently obsessed with: Pendleton. From our vintage capes and blazers to our new hats gloves and socks, we love it all. So I thought I would share a bit about how Pendleton became Pendleton, then show you some great Pendleton Ads through the years, and then end with a few of the amazing Pendleton items we currently have in store that I love, hope you enjoy!

In 1909 the Bishop sons (Clarence, Roy and Chauncey) started up an idle mill in Pendleton, Oregon. Pendleton was a wool shipping center for sheep growers in the region.

The mill the Bishop sons started up was originally built in 1893 serving as a wool scouring plant, which washed raw wool before shipping. In 1895 the scouring plant was enlarged and converted into a woolen mill that focused on making bed blankets and robes for Native Americans. The mill failed and was forced to go idle. In 1909 the Bishop Sons reopened the mill and constructed a new more efficient mill. A study of the color and design preferences of the local Southwest Native Americans resulted in new blankets with vivid colors and intricate patterns. In September of that year the first products came rolling off the line and so the tradition of Pendleton Woolen Mills began.

From 1924-1949 Pendleton began their venture into Men and Woman’s apparel. In 1972 they launched their non-wool spring and summer wear. Pendleton today is still thriving under the direction of the Bishop Family. They own and operate 7 facilities, and mange 75 Pendleton retail stores. 

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